by Adam

4-2-Wednesday as it is my 4th swing, 2nd week, Wednesday here!

After lunch, I was telling Ray and Duncan about a strange man who I have encountered a few times on site.  After 5pm, I was up at elevation 81m doing an isolation.  I got up there, and was looking at the valve, then I heard that man say (in Chinese) “Australian guy!”, I turned and look, and there he was, lying under a scaffold!  I took out my phone to take a photo of him and he quickly got up.  As usual, he asked me for a lock, and I told him no, that they are mine (I needed them for my isolation anyway).  Then I continued my isolation and he asks to see my phone.  He pulls his out and compares them, and asks to swap.  I said no.  Then we talk about our family, work etc.  My Chinese is so limited so I asked him if he can speak English, his response was that if he could speak English, he wouldn’t be here!  Funny guy.