Unexpected challenges slow progress but make it interesting

by Adam



Oh no! VSD water leak!

Busy morning, deisolating, isolating, and then when we went to deisolate a VSD, it was pointed out that the water level was low/empty.  How does it become empty?  A leak!  the leak was found.  It’s more interesting than I know how to write.

At lunch, I had pineapple, and it got stuck in my teeth, so I came back to my room to brush my teeth.  Since I felt dirty (another humid day), I had a lunch-time-shower as well!  It felt so good!

I brought some assorted Japanese rice crackers and tea back to my office in my cup.


As I was walking to site, I got a call.  Can you see Ewan?  He is tall, but the plant is taller.


It was raining yesterday, so there’s a lot of water around.  Stale still water for dengue to breed and lots of mud to slip on.  It’s fantastic.  Even when you’re walking up stairs, mud will fall on you from someone walking on the stairs above you.



After dinner, dropped by reception while Paul tried getting batteries for his air-con remote control.  They took some from the battery disposal bin and gave it to him.  I took selfies while waiting.