End of the first week back

by Adam

I arrived back on site last week on Sunday.  It took a while to adjust back into routine, so hopefully I’ll be fully back into it again tomorrow!

We went out for dinner on Friday, at Peter’s, for pizza.  It was nice to be out, though the pizza wasn’t as good as the previous time we went there.  Base was very thin, topping was sparse, cheese not as good, and not hot.  On the way back, we stopped at the bush bar for a little while.

On Saturday night, after dinner, we went to the bush bar.  It was so happening, I haven’t seen it so busy before.  It’s developed and the atmosphere more lively.  A group of Thais beating an empty 20 litre bottle as a drum and singing, and even fried chicken being sold!  Had a great time there.  As I didn’t drink, I could drive us all back into camp.

Sunday, In the morning, I had a quick breakfast and then watched a helicopter lift of a cover off the stack.


We were going to go to Poe beach.  14 of us went, packed into 3 cars.

First we stopped at Kone for supplies.

Daniel is recovering from an eye infection and the eyedrops are red.


We went to Baie des Tortues (Turtle Bay) instead.  Found a good place to sit on logs in the shade and relax.  Some of the guys started a fire and barbequed.  Some of us made sandwiches.


Ray needed help getting suncream on his back while he enjoyed barbequed prawns.


Then he massaged sauce into the meat.


It was warm weather today, and I didn’t want to be in the sun, so didn’t go into the water.  Just rested on the mat in the shade.

I walked around with Paul and took some photos, the trees were interesting.





Then I spammed more.  I used the Summitar 5cm.  Looking up the serial number on this lens tells me that it was made in 1946.  It’s a fun lens to use and had interesting character, which you can see below.  Also shot wide open, here are the shots from the camera (I also tried out of camera black and white).