R&R 3–Day 2: Monday

by Adam


I went to Kawasaki with Julie and my mum.  I went to BIC Camera and played around with all the gear while they were in Uniqlo.  So much fun just picking up all the cameras and fiddling.  I got to play with the Sony RX1 and RX100.  Spec-wise, I really liked the RX1, and the image quality is great. However, at first holding, it’s a bit difficult for me to handle.  Maybe my hands are too big, or I just need more time to get used to it.  The controls aren’t easy to reach for me, or too cramped together.  I do like how the aperture ring clicks though!  Also played with Nikon V2 which feels a lot better in the hand though its a small camera.  Also handled the X-Pro1 which I also think would have to take some getting used to. I preferred the compact size of the the X-E1.

Unfortunately the Daiso next to BIC Camera is no more Sad smile

I bought a couple of things at BIC Camera.  As Julie brought the wrong charger for my GXR, I needed to find a charger.  Managed to find a USB charger than I can use for my batteries!  Also got some film.


After that, we went for lunch – Tonkatsu WakoIMG_8627


Then I went to Kanto camera to check out their cameras.  They’ve got a nice display, limited edition Leica including a Kanto edition M6, and a gold one as well with engravings.  Also exploded views of lenses and cameras including M6 and Summitar.  Very cool to see!  I bought an accessory shoe cover for my camera there.



After, went to Yodobashi camera and got a screen protector for the GXR, maybe a bit late because the screen has marks all over it already.





I went to Jins to look at glasses.  I asked the shop attendant if the cost was just for the frame, and he said no it includes lens!  Then I asked how much more for anti-reflective coatings, and he said that it’s included!  Then  I asked how long it takes to make a pair… THIRTY MINUTES!  So I selected a pair, took my contacts out, he checked my eyes and half an hour later, a new pair of glasses!  I want to get more!!!


After getting glasses, we went to Shibuya to meet with Peter and Fiona for dinner at Beacon.  A very nice restaurant, and the waiter really did speak beautiful English (as described by the guy who welcomed us in).

My photos don’t show how nice it was.

Today’s soup was chorizo soup.


Then for appetizer, I had Atlantic lobster cakes with remoulade sauce.  Julie had New Orleans style spicy BBQ jumbo shrimp.



For mains, we had grilled Wagyu from Hokkaido.  I had the sirloin, Julie had the fillet.  It was so good, one of the best ever!




Then for dessert, I had apple crumble with vanilla gelato while Julie had the lemon mascarpone cheesecake with ginger snap crust.  Big serving but a pity we couldn’t finish it all because we were too full!


Finished with a lemongrass tea.


I was so happy to meet with Peter.  Thank you so much Smile