R&R 3

by Adam

Here I am again at Tontouta Aeroport, but this time not in the lounge since I’m not on a Qantas flight.  I’m flying Air Calin to Tokyo for a week.  I did not have to pay any extra as it was cheaper to go to Tokyo than it is to go to Perth.

This time, I didn’t bring any luggage.  Just my backpack.  It makes things faster and easier.  Packing my room was quick and easy.  However, there was a mosquito that woke me up.  I spent a while trying to find it, killed it, and went back to sleep.  Then was awoken again by another mosquito.  Killed it as well and then managed to sleep.

I had 10 minutes before the bus departure time, so went to the canteen and had 2 pain au chocolat and 2 croissants for breakfast.  It was easy because I didn’t have any luggage – I left my backpack at reception to look after.

After breakfast I went to the bus stop and waited, and waited…  The first time I took the bus, it left at exactly 5:15am, the second time, 5:10am because I was the only one on the bus.  This time however, when it was 5:35am, I called the transport manager and asked if the bus was still going to come.  He called back at 5:40am and said it’ll come in half an hour.  Rob T. was flying too, but he had 3 flights (to New Zealand, then to Vancouver, then to Toronto), so if he missed this first one, it would have made it very troublesome.  I wasn’t so worried about the bus being late, because my flight is at 12:20pm, while his flight was at 10:15am.  So Rob T. did most of the calling to the transport manager asking when the bus was going to come.  Finally it came at 6:10am and we departed site at 6:15am.  The driver drove really quick and didn’t make the mid-way stop, so we arrived at the airport at 8:55am.  That’s really good timing, considering that we left an hour later than usual, and only arrived about 15-25 minutes later than we normally do.

When I arrived, I saw Christelle and some of her friends going on a trip to New Zealand, and also saw the HR director and health and safety manager travelling together Winking smile.  Later I expect to see Rob W. here as he is demobilising!

This time I had done my web check-in so that I could beat the lines of people.  However, because I was so early, there was no line anyway.  Checked in and was happy to have no luggage to check in.  Sat down for a bit then went through security.  I forgot to finish my water, so drank it all before xray.  Then through immigration was quick as there was no line… since I’m so early.  But as mentioned earlier, could not access the lounge to eat Sad smile 

This is all my luggage!  So easy.


I’ve got 2 hours to spare before my flight and should arrive at Narita at 7:30pm tonight.  I’m so excited.


I didn’t have much opportunity to update this blog during this swing.  Things have been busy as usual, and really tired every night after work.  This break will be good!  It’ll be good to have nice dry cold weather rather than warm humid days.

Update after landing in Japan:

Boarding the plane:


The plane was fitted out with entertainment! I watched a few movies.




Plane landed about 7:05, then it taxied to the terminal and we got out of the plane about 7:30pm, by 7:45pm I was out through immigration and went to buy my Narita Express and Suica.  Then the train departed at 8:44pm.


Lots of leg room in the ordinary carriage.



Finally got to Tamachi where I met mum, dad, and wife Smile  It was super cold!  A nice dry change from humid warm Koniambo!