by Adam

After lunch, saw an email from Ray with a link to news about an earthquake near the Solomon Islands and tsunami warning.  Soon after, our commissioning director came out and told us about what is happening, that it was expected to arrive in an hour, that the port is being evacuated and that we don’t go anywhere (because there is no where to go).  It was exciting – but then I thought, if it really did come, would it still be exciting? Would it still be exciting if I didn’t have electricity and plumbing?  Maybe not for long! 

Later, our safety manager would announce updates to us.  It felt like in an aeroplane, while you’re watching a movie, and then it pauses for a cabin announcement from the pilot, only for him to tell you the altitude, and then interrupt you again to tell you the temperature outside.  It was good to have the updates and assurance though!

Meanwhile, I was preparing for an isolation (9 mechanical, 10 electrical), as one of the major equipment was having a problem with the valve and needed to be repaired! Urgent work!

I was at the plant doing an isolation when it was due to arrive, and I looked out towards the water and didn’t notice any difference.  It still looked beautiful!IMG_8185

My concerned friends SMS/email/whatsapp me regarding the tsunami.  Thanks for caring Smile

Later, we were updated that the warning was lifted.  There was a general sigh of disappointment relief.

I need a chinstrap for my hardhat, the brim makes it like a kite, and it blew off my head into the mud Sad smile

Around 5pm, I started the big isolation.  The sun was setting when it was almost over.  Check out the portable toilet sitting out on the scaffold, about 32 metres above the ground.   It’s a very popular toilet (the only one around this area), and smells!IMG_8193

I got Andrew to help me take a photo! Thanks Andrew E!


Finished everything by 7:30, and got in the car that Scott had access to, but… the battery was flat! So we went to wait for a bus.  I was tired and hungry.



We got to dinner at 7:57pm (they close the kitchen doors at 8pm), so just made it!

Had dinner, came home, and showered, then now relaxing before going to bed!