by Adam

I did not go to work today expecting so much to happen.

In the morning, heard that there will be wet ore conveyed into the plant today.  Was out with Scott checking that it was ready to receive.  Was told to expect it to come around 11:45am.  Then I had an early lunch (11am) and rushed back (11:40am), but there were some problems so I didn’t need to rush.  Then suddenly got a phone call telling me that it’ll be there in 5 minutes.  I quickly walked up the conveyor gallery, but only saw water on the belt.


Clean belt, only water!  Five minutes later, it was brown!



This is the conveyor feed coming in.


I was spotting at a conveyor for a while.


Noticed that the roller on the belt drift limit switch was rolling at set times, so measured it on/off.  I was splattered with mud.


What’s this white thing… asbestos?




There was too much water in the wet ore feed… uh ho!


The view was nice as always.


Then the control room opened the hammer mill feed slide gate and I was to press the emergency stop button.  I tried to press it, and it was already pressed in, and wouldn’t stop!  Then realised that it wasn’t wired up!


Then I was told to manually open the slide gate.  So I began to turn the wheel with the help of Franklin.  While turning, I noticed light coming from the motor.  That’s where the control was!


So Roy showed me how to use that, and saved us from having to manually actuate the slide gate.  It was tough!

So we began to feed from the dryer weigh belt, a batch at a time, so that it wouldn’t dry on the belt.  I was responsible for starting the belt on and off, upon command.  There was a lot of time in between, so I waited… and took some photos.


See the mess behind?


Then I watched the apron feeder feed onto the dryer weigh belt.  The ore was so wet it looked like curry, or chocolate… or diarrhea!


What was amazing though, was how clean the apron feeder looked after the last mud had passed.


It was really cool to see material finally going through the equipment, rather than just air!