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Month: January, 2013



Very interesting view this evening.  Cloudy and rain on one side, blue skies on the other!  Look carefully on the right, you can see someone getting a haircut!

I went to the Chinese canteen for lunch, as with every meal, I added 고추장 had squeezed oranges.

Here’s my new bag I’ve been using.  Guess what’s inside?


Third Swing First Thursday

Yesterday, I noticed some people not wearing harnesses up in the hammer mill building.  So today I asked someone and was told that it in this area, where there is collective protection (railing) harnesses were no longer required.  So I walked up to the site today without a harness.  It was so much easier and not as tiring!

I haven’t been able to finish my lunches and dinners here recently.  Maybe my appetite is shrinking.  I always carry my 1kg tub of 고추장 with me which makes everything taste better, as well as my juicer!

We had burgers tonight (again without tomatoes and onions).  I saw Ola bring her iPad to dinner, so I asked if she was studying French tonight, she said no, bible study!  I was excited and asked whether I could join.  In addition to my own reading, I’m so happy to have a group to read bible with, then we can discuss, learn and encourage each other.  It’s something I’ve been missing since I’ve been here and not able to attend church.  There were six of us tonight.  Wilson shared tonight from Romans 1:1-5, John 3:16 and 2 Timothy 1:7.  It was a simple message but a good reminder.  It was refreshing reading and praying with a group.  It’s what I’ve been wanting here.

Burger, salad, soft wedges and oranges for juicing.


Some photos from this week:

Nice blue Wednesday morning.


Accessing site via the conveyor gallery, which is easier now without a harness!




Night time with site lit up like a Christmas tree.







The Third Swing Begins!

I had pizza for dinner. Was dropped off at the airport at 10pm, when going to line up, I saw Ray and Vera at the line as Ray’s sister was going away. This is another Ray Tan! It was good to see them again before I left.
Perhaps I am impatient, but there are always some people who hold up the queue at the security checks, by taking their laptop out when they have reached the front of the line, or deciding to unpack everything.
Fortunately, security let us jump infront of these slow people!

After going through security, I called Luke and we went up to the Qantas club for a seat and drink. Luke’s going to Calgary for two years, and we were on the same flight ot Sydney!
On the flight from Perth to Sydney, I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep. When in Sydney, I went into the lounge for shower and breakfast, but unfortunately, Luke could not check in yet, because his layover time was 5 hours (and could only check in 3 hours before), while my layover was only 2 hours.
On the flight from Sydney to Noumea, I slept for another 2 hours.

Everytime I go through the airport, it’s different.
The first time, it was a very direct walk: off the plane, onto the tarmac, across to immigration which was just one guy at a booth.
The second time, it was the same direct walk, but this time there were a few shiny looking booths with uniformed officers.
The third time, this time, we got off the plane, onto an aerobridge and then a windy walk through the whole airport, only to end up at the same immigration area again.

The thing that has remained the same though, it the time it takes for our bags to come out. I think that extra windy scenic route is to make the airport seem huge, and to buy time so that we aren’t waiting for our bags too long… but we still wait! Maybe I’ve been spoilt by other airports, or again, my impatience!

After I collected my suitcase and guitar, and was walking, I was stopped by customs. My bags were x-rayed and I had to open up my suitcase, bag and guitar case, and we went through everything! I was even asked if I had a receipt for my guitar, but I didn’t because I bought it 12 years ago!

When I finally got out, I could not find the bus or bus driver at the meeting point. I looked around and then saw the bus driver which I recognised from site.
She asked for my name and said that my name was not on the list.
Fortunately, after giving her my badge, realised that my name was on the list, and there was another Adam on the bus whose name was not on the list, but she had marked off as me.
The bus ride took longer this time, the driver was not crazy and the bus speed was limited to 100 km/h rather than 160 km/h. It was nice to hear familiar songs on the bus, as a Don Moen and a Hillsong CD were playing!

This time, no complication with my room. Came to my room and it looked just the way I left it, unoccupied!
I’ve only had time to unpack and move my things out of the locked cupboards.

I installed Windows 8, so I haven’t installed Writer yet, so I’m posting this from the web-based writer. Downloading Writer now, it’s going very slowly.

Time to go to dinner now.

I’m on my way home

Got up this morning at 4, got to my bus at 5 for 5:15am departure.  The driver pulled out his list of passenger, and it was just me.  I asked him “Just me?” and he said yes, and we departed.  So it’s just me, the only passenger in the whole 3.5 hour bus ride!

Good thing I brought the slightly expired “up and go” to drink during break time.  Here’s my bus during break time.  I was the only passenger on this bus!


All to myself.


Got to the airport at 8:30am and sat down to wait for the counter to open, since my flight is at 12:50pm!

While sitting there, I saw some people who had just arrived, spent some time talking with them, then realised that the counter was open.  Went to the counter and they said that I’m on the waiting list for the Qantas flight, then I showed my itinerary which showed that I was booked on the Aircalin flight as well, so had to go to the Aircalin counter to have that detail added.

I went outside for a bit longer (as it doesn’t matter whether I waited inside, outside, wherever, I still had to wait), then went to the Aircalin counter and had the flight added to my details.

I went to the Qantas counter and gave my Qantas Club card, hoping that I could get onto the Qantas flight (it’s the same flight, just depends whether it was sold as a Aircalin flight, or Qantas).  Unfortunately, it showed up as Aircalin (so I don’t get my frequent flyer points!), but to my surprise, he wrote lounge on my boarding pass!

So here I am now, sitting in the Hibiscus Lounge, drinking canned water and light snacks, waiting for boarding time.  The flight arriving from Sydney is delayed, so just waiting.  I’m glad I can access the lounge, it’s a much more comfortable waiting place!

Photos from the lounge:


The flight is delayed because it has just arrived.  So instead of boarding at 12:05pm, we are scheduled to board 13:00.  I hope this doesn’t affect my Sydney to Perth flight, which has a boarding time of 17:30!  Especially since the originally landing time is 15:55!

Edit: I got to the Sydney Qantas club lounge with 20 minutes to spare before boarding time.  Took a 10 minute shower, and had 10 minutes to have a quick snack before boarding.

I was so hungry

Had the best sleep last night.  Slept so well!  Went to bed early, and got up late (we were starting later this morning because the kitchen was scheduled to open later).

Nothing was going right.  We needed to deisolate a lock-out.

Construction weren’t working today, so the two permit requesters weren’t at site, nor was the permit issuer and his office (containing our permit control board).  In addition to that, the mobile phone services weren’t working, so we couldn’t contact them.

My supervisor is a hero. He went to the camp, tracked them all down and drove them to site.  So now the permit issuer was there, we had access to his office, the two permit requesters were there, and the two isolators (one was me).

It was a busy morning, deisolating.  The afternoon was quieter.  Talked a bit about snacks, and Oreos, which got me really hungry.  Looked at some photos of food, then talked with Thomas next to me, about Malaysian food, then got even hungrier.

Saw a couple of rainbows on the way from work to dinner.  Reminded me about Noah’s ark Smile


Went to the kitchen for burgers.  But the wedges were just soggy potatoes.  There were no tomatoes, onions, lettuce or pickles for the burgers.  Made a sad cheese burger.  On the way back to my room, I stopped by the store and bought a packet of Peanut Butter’n Chocolate Creme Oreos!


I opened the packet and began dismantling.



Only having just finishing my dinner, and eating many chocolate cookies, I couldn’t eat my monster tonight. I stored it away, I hope it’s safe from ants.  The nutritional facts look something like this.


Looking forward to eating it tomorrow!


I should be going home on Saturday.  I hope I can get my ticket by tomorrow!


Cyclone Freda was downgraded to a tropical storm and headed towards us.  Not much wind, just lots of rain, thunder and lightning.  So I got really wet when I ran to the toilet.

Received an email from a manager that tomorrow (Thursday) is a normal working day, then received another email after that saying that site is closed tomorrow.  So which one do I follow? The later one?

I got a ride back to camp, so I’m in my room now.  Fortunately there’s power here, but I quickly took a shower just incase power stops (there’s no power at site/office now!).

Check out some of the puddles!


The sunset was very nice.



2013! Happy New Year!

Had duck and fish for dinner.20121231_190248

Then some icecream and kiwifruit.

After dinner, we went to the bar.  It was very loud and lively.

This is what engineers get up to at a bar.

He gets bored.


He makes a plan.


The pilot.




First expansion complete.



Foundation rework by hi-vis construction worker.



Procure more building materials (drink more).






It was a popular tourist attraction.

Even in disaster, there’s hope in the hearts of the people.


Did he drink too much?




Meanwhile, it was dancing time.



Then there were fireworks.



You can see the lights of the plant in the background, on the right.RIMG0989


Then back to more dancing.



Then back to my room to play Skype.

So much happened in 2012.  I hope to post reflections on 2012 (so far just a sketch on paper).

I wish you a happy new year.  May 2013 be another exciting, eventful, and successful year for your personal and work lives.  Keep safe!