Going to the canteen without chilli is like going to the canteen without clothes on.

by Adam

This is what Bob told me today when I told him that I left my sauce at the office!  May be I couldn’t finish my meal was because I didn’t have my sauce!

Here’s my dinner (before and after)


However, the bread and butter is consistently good!

I didn’t feel very busy at work today – well, not busy enough!  My throat is a lot better, not really sore anymore, but have a cough Sad smile

At lunch, I had watermelon.  Stacking them up lets me cut all of them at once!


Then I listened to Branco explain something to Duncan.


It’s really fantastic listening to him explain things in so much detail.  He leaves today, so it’s something I’ll miss.

This morning, the bus took so long to come, a small van came though…


Then 2 buses showed up after… it feels like the buses are becoming more and more infrequent.


It’s awesome here, you should come!