Australia Day in New Caledonia

by Adam

Yesterday, January 26th was Australia day.  I brought along some flags from my last R&R in remembrance of Australia day and handed them out.  Someone asked whether it was Australia’s independence day, but no, it was Australia’s dependence day – our national day.  A good reason to celebrate!  Something like:


*** FirstF1337 has entered #Australia ***
<Indigenous>Hello FirstF1337! Welcome to #Australia.
<FirstF1337>O hai thar locals! All your base are belong to us!
*** FirstF1337 changes topic to: ‘#Australia now belongs to King George III!’
<Indigenous>lolwhut? We been here for like forever, you just got here and takeover?
*** FirstF1337 sets mode: +b Indigenous*!*@*.*
<Indigenous>You can’t do that!
*** Indigenous has been kicked by FirstF1337 (Bugger off, we’re full)
*** Convicts has been invited to join #Australia ***


In the afternoon, I was walking back to the office, and I observed someone standing on the manlift handrail to reach the top of a beam.  He was being supervised by someone wearing a red helmet (safety).  I stood next to the safety guy and the observers realised I was watching, so told the handrail-man to come down.  Then I told the safety guy “Raise the manlift so he doesn’t need to climb on the handrail”.  He replied “Yes” and began to raise it.  I walked off, and turned around, and he was at it again!


Look closer:


At least he was wearing his harness and was tied-off to the handrail… I checked again later and he was sitting in the manlift.  Maybe too many people watching.  Maybe it was safe, and maybe he does it all time, but I do not feel comfortable to allow someone to do that.

In the evening, we went to Rob’s place for Australia day and his farewell gathering.  t was great to be off-site for the night!  Fortunately I was wearing my insect repellent (so only got a few bites on my ankles).






The prawns were really good, it was so relaxing sitting on the mat talking.