Here we go!

Sunday Funday Waterfall

Slept at 2am, woke up 7:15am, had breakfast before the canteen closed.  Then came back, updated my blog, went to Hotel Koniambo for lunch.  We all had burgers, it was nice!


We also found that it was a good way to offload our coins.


Then we went to look for a waterfall which Ray had gone to before.


It was an easy hike with only a few stream crossings.


Then we got there.  It was slippery getting up those rocks.



Once we got up there, there was a nice pool we had a lot of fun in!



The edge felt like an infinity pool.



We took a lot of photos… and then started taking videos (coming soon).  As you can see, we had a good time.









Videos to come soon… Smile

Australia Day in New Caledonia

Yesterday, January 26th was Australia day.  I brought along some flags from my last R&R in remembrance of Australia day and handed them out.  Someone asked whether it was Australia’s independence day, but no, it was Australia’s dependence day – our national day.  A good reason to celebrate!  Something like:


*** FirstF1337 has entered #Australia ***
<Indigenous>Hello FirstF1337! Welcome to #Australia.
<FirstF1337>O hai thar locals! All your base are belong to us!
*** FirstF1337 changes topic to: ‘#Australia now belongs to King George III!’
<Indigenous>lolwhut? We been here for like forever, you just got here and takeover?
*** FirstF1337 sets mode: +b Indigenous*!*@*.*
<Indigenous>You can’t do that!
*** Indigenous has been kicked by FirstF1337 (Bugger off, we’re full)
*** Convicts has been invited to join #Australia ***


In the afternoon, I was walking back to the office, and I observed someone standing on the manlift handrail to reach the top of a beam.  He was being supervised by someone wearing a red helmet (safety).  I stood next to the safety guy and the observers realised I was watching, so told the handrail-man to come down.  Then I told the safety guy “Raise the manlift so he doesn’t need to climb on the handrail”.  He replied “Yes” and began to raise it.  I walked off, and turned around, and he was at it again!


Look closer:


At least he was wearing his harness and was tied-off to the handrail… I checked again later and he was sitting in the manlift.  Maybe too many people watching.  Maybe it was safe, and maybe he does it all time, but I do not feel comfortable to allow someone to do that.

In the evening, we went to Rob’s place for Australia day and his farewell gathering.  t was great to be off-site for the night!  Fortunately I was wearing my insect repellent (so only got a few bites on my ankles).






The prawns were really good, it was so relaxing sitting on the mat talking.

Pizza and Post office!

On Thursday 24th January, I received this note:


I ordered a case for my phone, and I have to pick it up from the post office.   A few fantastic things:

  1. The post office is off site, and I don’t have a car to go there.
  2. They are open 7:45-11:15 and 12:15-15:00 Monday to Friday, but I work Monday to Saturday 6:30 to at least 17:30.
  3. They have given me 15 days to pick up the delivery, and they give me the notice 8 days into this 15 days.
  4. Fortunately, Jonathan has kindly permitted me to use his car to pick it up! So I’ll try to go there during next week, after lunch time!  Thank you!

On Friday, I went to the Chinese canteen for lunch.  Ribs!


Then we went to Pete’s for pizza! It was so big, and so good!


This is Duncan, Andrew, and pizza.  We ordered 4 pizzas for 7 of us.  Lots of pizza, lots of fun!