Contigo Swish

by Adam

My old drink bottle was really old and smelly, so mum told me to buy a new bottle, and that it had to be BPA free.

I went to Myers and saw some bottles on special.  I narrowed the choices down to a stainless steel bottle, and a “Contigo Swish”.  The stainless steel bottle had a 750mL capacity, and looked solid (if I dropped it, it might bounce, or dent, but not crack).  The Contigo Swish had only a 500mL capacity, but has an “autoseal”.  I was imagining myself squeezing from a stainless steel bottle, so went to the Swish.


There’s a big white button you press and the seal opens for as long as you hold the button down.  I thought that this would be very useful for me (grabbing the bottle with one hand, drinking and putting it back without having to screw/pop up a lid).


Here you can see the opening (grey seal which is displaced when you press the button).  The other blue thing you see at the top covers a vent which opens when you press the button, to displace the air while water flows out of the drinking opening.



It’s got a rubber grip at the bottom… in case of an earthquake? 

The lid comes off revealing a mouth as wide as the bottle, which makes it easy to fill.  Screwing on the lid feels like it’s securely fastened on, and won’t leak out either.

I like how it’s thin, so I can put it in my pocket when not in my pouch.

Fancy water holder huh?