Third Swing First Thursday

by Adam

Yesterday, I noticed some people not wearing harnesses up in the hammer mill building.  So today I asked someone and was told that it in this area, where there is collective protection (railing) harnesses were no longer required.  So I walked up to the site today without a harness.  It was so much easier and not as tiring!

I haven’t been able to finish my lunches and dinners here recently.  Maybe my appetite is shrinking.  I always carry my 1kg tub of 고추장 with me which makes everything taste better, as well as my juicer!

We had burgers tonight (again without tomatoes and onions).  I saw Ola bring her iPad to dinner, so I asked if she was studying French tonight, she said no, bible study!  I was excited and asked whether I could join.  In addition to my own reading, I’m so happy to have a group to read bible with, then we can discuss, learn and encourage each other.  It’s something I’ve been missing since I’ve been here and not able to attend church.  There were six of us tonight.  Wilson shared tonight from Romans 1:1-5, John 3:16 and 2 Timothy 1:7.  It was a simple message but a good reminder.  It was refreshing reading and praying with a group.  It’s what I’ve been wanting here.

Burger, salad, soft wedges and oranges for juicing.


Some photos from this week:

Nice blue Wednesday morning.


Accessing site via the conveyor gallery, which is easier now without a harness!




Night time with site lit up like a Christmas tree.