I was so hungry

by Adam

Had the best sleep last night.  Slept so well!  Went to bed early, and got up late (we were starting later this morning because the kitchen was scheduled to open later).

Nothing was going right.  We needed to deisolate a lock-out.

Construction weren’t working today, so the two permit requesters weren’t at site, nor was the permit issuer and his office (containing our permit control board).  In addition to that, the mobile phone services weren’t working, so we couldn’t contact them.

My supervisor is a hero. He went to the camp, tracked them all down and drove them to site.  So now the permit issuer was there, we had access to his office, the two permit requesters were there, and the two isolators (one was me).

It was a busy morning, deisolating.  The afternoon was quieter.  Talked a bit about snacks, and Oreos, which got me really hungry.  Looked at some photos of food, then talked with Thomas next to me, about Malaysian food, then got even hungrier.

Saw a couple of rainbows on the way from work to dinner.  Reminded me about Noah’s ark Smile


Went to the kitchen for burgers.  But the wedges were just soggy potatoes.  There were no tomatoes, onions, lettuce or pickles for the burgers.  Made a sad cheese burger.  On the way back to my room, I stopped by the store and bought a packet of Peanut Butter’n Chocolate Creme Oreos!


I opened the packet and began dismantling.



Only having just finishing my dinner, and eating many chocolate cookies, I couldn’t eat my monster tonight. I stored it away, I hope it’s safe from ants.  The nutritional facts look something like this.


Looking forward to eating it tomorrow!


I should be going home on Saturday.  I hope I can get my ticket by tomorrow!