Best Tuesday Ever! (Christmas!)

by Adam

Strange thing happened when I got up this morning, I couldn’t balance! I kept feeling a push to the left.  I went to lie down again, but when I closed my eyes it felt like I was spinning around and round.

I went to breakfast but didn’t feel like eating, so I had 12 croissants and 2 pain au chocolat, then some pineapple and sprite.

Met up at 9:30am, then after some waiting around, headed to Poe beach.  On the way, we stopped at Kone, and I bought some biscuits and water.

We got to Poe and saw the group who camped overnight.


Selfie with Hermit.


Josh was practicing casting his net, while some swam and some slept.



After the camping group left, we met up with the BBQ group we came with, further down, and went snorkelling.  The water was so clear blue!  My Sony ActionCamera is still rubbish for underwater.  Apparently, I need to buy the flat lens replacement door so that the focus is better underwater.  It’s annoying how I need to buy this and that accessory just to make it do what I wanted it to do from the beginning.  For out of water it’s fine.  I had it on interval-photo mode for a while (another complaint is that it was advertised as being able to take 16mp stills, which is why I chose it over the JVC camera, and then in reality, it only can take 2mp stills).  Then I had it on video mode.

Here’s some photos.






Then came back and had dinner.  Happy Christmas everyone!  Joyaux Noel Smile