by Adam

Got up late.  Got to breakfast too late (front door was locked), but managed to walk in through the back.  Had a simple bread & butter breakfast.

Some people stayed at Hotel Koniambo overnight (I didn’t want to because I’ve got somewhere to sleep and eat here!).  We went to find them but they weren’t there.  We went to Kone and found them having breakfast.


I went to the supermarket and bought some water.

Then we went to the new Discount store.  It is huge and has everything! Fireworks, guitars, camping gear, bread, wine, stereos, except I couldn’t find any 고추장. I’ll have to bring it next time.  I bought a giant cup, so I could boil water in it.

From there, we headed to la plage des Puffins.


The water was nice and warm, so I snorkelled.  This time I put the camera in interval-photo mode rather than video, so I can show you!  However, I realise now that the image quality of the camera underwater, is rubbish – it can’t focus!





Then I went for a walk along the beach with Farhan.




and came across a head!


I didn’t want to touch it, but, Farhan picked it up, and flies started coming out.  And you could see the brain and neck hanging out.


It didn’t feel good, so we headed back, watched some kitesurfers, snorkelled a bit more, then headed back.