Laid back Sunday

by Adam

Stayed in bed until 7, had breakfast at 8, played around in the gym at 9, played frisbee at 10, had lunch at the Korean kitchen at 12, had icecream at the western kitchen at 1, went diving at 2.

Korean kitchen.




As of tomorrow, bans will be banned in the canteen, because people steal cutlery, plates, and food.  Which means I can no longer go straight to work from breakfast, and can’t go straight to dinner from work.  Major inconvenience! Sad smile


Put on the wetsuits and got on the boat, and waited…  There was a problem with the boat! So after a while, aborted.  We went to Voh Gatope instead, played around a little, then Ray practiced driving.  On the way back to site, stopped by the shop and bought some water and Tim-tams, then now I’m home! Smile 

Started raining a bit, so I could see a rainbow!


Played some basketball, then some tennis, some basketball again, then showered and had dinner at the Indian kitchen.  After dinner, met a colleague at the bar and he gave me a bag of lychees he bought today!  I put them in my fridge.

Another busy week ahead… I’ll be home in 3 weeks time.  Spending birthday, Christmas and New Year here (and working all of those days!).