Monday Sad O Clock…

by Adam

Firstly, I unpacked my clock which I packed in my luggage. Sad to find that the LCD is now damaged.


I was so excited to bring my clock to New Caledonia and set it up in my room… Now I wish I never brought it, then it wouldn’t have broken.

Today was my first day back at work, it was a warm and humid day.  I’m still adjusting to get into routine.  My alarm went this morning, I turned it off and slept more, then suddenly got up, got ready, packed my thing and skipped breakfast, going straight to work.

Before going to lunch, I went to reception to check that my room was ready, and it was, so brought my bag here, then went to lunch.  Had fish and rice for lunch.


For dinner, had some turkey, potatoes and even cooked banana!


And then orange watermelon!


Still upset about my clock… but at least I’ve got my room back.