A man in my room

by Adam

After a busy week of R&R, which I’ll write about in a later post, and 16 hours of travelling, I finally arrived back to my room.  Before opening the door, I noticed a pair of slippers under the curtain, which weren’t mine.  So knocked on my room door and an Australian man opens it.

Then I realised why the ladies at reception told me to wait when I was collecting my keys before going back to my room.

He had a visitor’s badge and was supposed to leave yesterday, but was told that he needed to stay until Thursday.  He wrote down his name and badge number and I went back to reception.

In the end, it was resolved: I stay the night in another room and he moves out of my room tonight.  Tomorrow when my room is made up, I can move back in.  I just had to take some of my essentials from my room with me.

The room I am in now is a different configuration to mine.  There is no shower-head holder but the TV is LCD rather than CRT – not that I ever turned the TV on anyway!