Here we go!

Month: December, 2012

Another super busy day

No time to have lunch today Sad smile  but I’ll eat well at dinner later.

There’s going to be a special menu for tonight, and then some celebrations at the bar. Let’s hope it’s good.


Relax Sunday

I spent most of today in my room, the only time I went out of my room was to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Total icecream count for this weekend was 15 scoops.

I had a good nap this afternoon, then got up and did some online window shopping.

Back to work tomorrow before Tuesday public holiday (New year!).

Tropical cyclone should be here soon!


It’s Saturday.  I ate ten scoops of icecream today.

Some people here are so honest.  I tried calling someone on the radio, but not response, so I had help calling him on the mobile phone, but couldn’t get through.  Later when I saw him, I asked “which radio channel are you on? I tried calling you”, he responded “I know, I heard you calling, and do you know what I was thinking? ‘Thanks for the warning’, and then I turned off my phone”.

A tropical depression is headed in this direction, it might develop into a cyclone.

It’s late, I’m tired, goodnight.

Best Tuesday Ever! (Christmas!)

Strange thing happened when I got up this morning, I couldn’t balance! I kept feeling a push to the left.  I went to lie down again, but when I closed my eyes it felt like I was spinning around and round.

I went to breakfast but didn’t feel like eating, so I had 12 croissants and 2 pain au chocolat, then some pineapple and sprite.

Met up at 9:30am, then after some waiting around, headed to Poe beach.  On the way, we stopped at Kone, and I bought some biscuits and water.

We got to Poe and saw the group who camped overnight.


Selfie with Hermit.


Josh was practicing casting his net, while some swam and some slept.



After the camping group left, we met up with the BBQ group we came with, further down, and went snorkelling.  The water was so clear blue!  My Sony ActionCamera is still rubbish for underwater.  Apparently, I need to buy the flat lens replacement door so that the focus is better underwater.  It’s annoying how I need to buy this and that accessory just to make it do what I wanted it to do from the beginning.  For out of water it’s fine.  I had it on interval-photo mode for a while (another complaint is that it was advertised as being able to take 16mp stills, which is why I chose it over the JVC camera, and then in reality, it only can take 2mp stills).  Then I had it on video mode.

Here’s some photos.






Then came back and had dinner.  Happy Christmas everyone!  Joyaux Noel Smile

Christmas Eve! HO HO!

Busy morning, did some isolations, up the top.  Nice view of the water.



Then had lunch.


Christmas-Eve dinner!



Lychee!  We say “LIE-CHEE” the Canadians say “LEE-CHEE”.


and then ICECREAM (I had two serves).


Then I went to the bar, they were serving beer tonight.  We are allowed to buy two beers.  I bought two for William because I like to see him on alcohol… hor hor hor.


Then there was a DJ and dancers (and Santa and Goofy!).  The dancers were dressed in Santa-bras and dancing very energetically. All the guys stood around and watched. It was amusing.





Then I went back to my room to get my small tripod and watch the fireworks.  It was difficult to take photos because the Summitar kept flaring (facing into the lights), and mosquitos were EATING me!



Christmas day tomorrow! We don’t have to go to work.  We are going to the beach!


Got up late.  Got to breakfast too late (front door was locked), but managed to walk in through the back.  Had a simple bread & butter breakfast.

Some people stayed at Hotel Koniambo overnight (I didn’t want to because I’ve got somewhere to sleep and eat here!).  We went to find them but they weren’t there.  We went to Kone and found them having breakfast.


I went to the supermarket and bought some water.

Then we went to the new Discount store.  It is huge and has everything! Fireworks, guitars, camping gear, bread, wine, stereos, except I couldn’t find any 고추장. I’ll have to bring it next time.  I bought a giant cup, so I could boil water in it.

From there, we headed to la plage des Puffins.


The water was nice and warm, so I snorkelled.  This time I put the camera in interval-photo mode rather than video, so I can show you!  However, I realise now that the image quality of the camera underwater, is rubbish – it can’t focus!





Then I went for a walk along the beach with Farhan.




and came across a head!


I didn’t want to touch it, but, Farhan picked it up, and flies started coming out.  And you could see the brain and neck hanging out.


It didn’t feel good, so we headed back, watched some kitesurfers, snorkelled a bit more, then headed back.



What a wonderful day, because it’s my birthday!

I woke up, and felt good, because it’s my birthday!

I went outside and the weather was beautiful, because it’s my birthday!

I had some people sing happy birthday to me, because it’s my birthday!

I worked until 7pm, because it’s my birthday!

I got a ride back to camp, because it’s my birthday!

I had burger for dinner, because it’s my birthday!


Laid back Sunday

Stayed in bed until 7, had breakfast at 8, played around in the gym at 9, played frisbee at 10, had lunch at the Korean kitchen at 12, had icecream at the western kitchen at 1, went diving at 2.

Korean kitchen.




As of tomorrow, bans will be banned in the canteen, because people steal cutlery, plates, and food.  Which means I can no longer go straight to work from breakfast, and can’t go straight to dinner from work.  Major inconvenience! Sad smile


Put on the wetsuits and got on the boat, and waited…  There was a problem with the boat! So after a while, aborted.  We went to Voh Gatope instead, played around a little, then Ray practiced driving.  On the way back to site, stopped by the shop and bought some water and Tim-tams, then now I’m home! Smile 

Started raining a bit, so I could see a rainbow!


Played some basketball, then some tennis, some basketball again, then showered and had dinner at the Indian kitchen.  After dinner, met a colleague at the bar and he gave me a bag of lychees he bought today!  I put them in my fridge.

Another busy week ahead… I’ll be home in 3 weeks time.  Spending birthday, Christmas and New Year here (and working all of those days!).

My R&R (24 Nov–1 Dec)

Time to write about my R&R.  It was a busy week.  I got married, had relatives over, ate a lot.  Then back here again!

Band Battle

There were five bands performing tonight. I’ve never seen so many people pack into the bar before.




The pre-ops band was really good!

Before going to watch the bands, I was at dinner.  The Coke/Sprite dispenser is now working, so I mixed some mint drink with Sprite.


There was no more icecream at dinner, maybe because I had two serves at lunch!