Home I go!

by Adam

Currently sitting in the Sydney Qantas club writing this.  It’ s been a busy week again.

Got up at 4, packed my things and got onto the 5:15am bus to Tontouta Aeroport.  Arrived there at 8:45am.  Three and a half hour van ride, I managed to have a little nap in the van,  but it seemed that whenever I fell asleep, the driver would stop for a break (twice).  Driver was fast (as usual) and raging (lifting palm towards the sky at other drivers), but friendly and on-time.  At 5:15am, she asked me what the time was, I said 5:15am, and she showed me her watch 5:15am, to confirm that it was time to go, and we left.  There was supposed to be one more person in the van, but it was just Mike and I.  On the way, we stopped at a small shop.  I didn’t need to go to the toilet and didn’t feel like eating and drinking, I was just tired.  However, I went to the toilet, and then Mike bought me chocolate milk and a croissant, it was very nice, and I felt very good after eating and drinking!

So, as mentioned before, I got to the aeroport at 8:45am, when my flight departure time was 12:50pm.  I was even too early to check-in.  So I looked in the shop, and sat down on the bench listening to music.  The airport was very quiet – until – it appeared that at least two busloads of Japanese tourists arrived.  Then the airport quickly filled up and was very busy.  I have not seen so many Japanese since leaving Japan!

Finally, the counter opened for me to check in.  There was a queue, but fortunately there was a special lane for Qantas Club and Frequent Flyers.  Since being downgraded from Gold to Silver, they gave me Qantas Club membership until the end of this year, so I got to jump the queue and walk straight to the counter – but there’s no rush because once I check in, I’ll still have to wait for the plane anyway.  So I checked in, and walked away from the counter, then remembered that I needed to check about whether my luggage was going all the way to Perth.  I went to the Aircalin counter, they called up and told me that I need to pick up my luggage at Sydney international and bring it to the domestic transfer.  While I was at the counter, I thought I might as well ask about the cost of flying to Korea and Japan, since they had a brochure with the costs listed, but not Seoul or Tokyo.  So she kindly wrote the costs for me.  These were the costs all year, but then the costs increase as it fills up.  They were more than the cost of flying back to Perth, but if I ever want to go there, I’ll just pay the difference, which is fare.  I asked if December/January was a good time to go, and she said no, it’s crazy.  Since there’s direct flights from Paris to Tokyo, then Tokyo to New Caledonia.  I asked when, she said February would be better.

I went through security and immigration, then had a browse through the duty free shop.  Bought some Tic Tacs, which I think were a good deal!

Plane departed late, but the flight was smooth.  I had the front seats in economy, and there wasn’t a board infront of me, just curtain, so plenty of leg-room!  I started to go to sleep, then realised that there’s movies!  So I watched the Amazing Spiderman.  Then after that, I started to watch Kath and Kimderella, but after the title came up, it was time to put the screen away.

Collected my luggage and went to the domestic transfer bus, then right up here to the lounge.  Had a shower and snacks…. biscuits, pasta, chocolate drink, internet, magazines… Relaxing before the flight back to Perth (which I should be at the gate in 10 minutes!).  I’ll arrive at 9:20pm, but since I’m three hours ahead, it’ll feel like midnight, so I can see that I’ll be super tired.

A big week ahead!

I haven’t had time to update this blog in the past week because it’s been very busy.  I’ll try write a summary post consolidating those days I missed.  If I can’t remember the details, it’ll probably just be photos of my lunch and dinner!