Another one of those days…

by Adam

Today was another one of those days where I arrive to work before 6:30am, but don’t get to sit at my desk until after 6:30pm.  I love being on site Smile  So much happening, so much to do, this after that!

Encountered a few problems in the morning when I went to get the job started.  For example, the ventilation fans not being able to be turned on, then found out that they were isolated for some work that was done yesterday.  So got the crew onto another task, but then turns out the power to the hoist was also isolated!

It was a hot day today, I drank a lot of water,  but sweated a lot.

Here’s my lunch, it’s lamb!


In the afternoon, I was spotter for the running of one of the biggest fans here.  Driven by a 3.2MW motor (which I wrote about fan alignment being done in a previous post), it’s a big fan that sucks.

I was stationed at one of the compartment doors which was chained open and barricaded off, so that it could draw air through.


Long day, tired again.  Counting down the days until I’m home again Smile