Thursday, Friday, Saturday

by Adam

Thursday lunch


Finished late on Thursday evening, waiting for an electrical lock-out to be completed.  Site is very calm at night.


A collection of confiscated handmade tools.


Dinner… burger and chips!  Reminds me of my last lunch outing at the Perth office, when we went to Mcdonalds!


On Friday, went to the Chinese Canteen for lunch… ribs!


Went to the top level again for a deisolation.  This time, took the lift for the first time.  It’s scarey, but saves so much energy than climbing the stairs!  See the lift?


Went up, did some deisolations, and got to see the sunset.  Unfortunately, my phone battery went flat.  So these are all I could get:

Shadow of the building I’m on



The last photo I could get before my phone ran out of battery.


Proceeded to complete the rest of the deisolations in the building.  It’s very dark after the sun goes down.  Fortunately, I had my little torch with me, which gets very hot!

Saturday was a busy day as well – mostly with getting permit to work signed and lock-out-tag-outs.

I had ribs for lunch again, in the Western kitchen.


It was a wet evening, the clouds usually roll over the massif.


Then I went to dinner.


So much has been happening.  I’m always so busy at work, there’s so much to do.  I think I’m coping well with it.  The people here make it an interesting place to work, and sometimes fun.  I learned some French repeating after people, funny things.