Bus driver offered to buy my safety glasses from me

by Adam

On Tuesday, I got in the bus to go to lunch and the driver offered to buy my tinted safety glasses I was wearing for XPF1000.  I told him that these were my only pair, so couldn’t.

Tuesday lunch:


Tuesday was a long day, left work just before 7pm, and straight to dinner.  Ate dinner in 15 minutes then went to French class.  I left French class early because I was tired, came back, and was in bed by 9.

Tuesday dinner:


I went to work a bit earlier on Wednesday so that I could start the crews working earlier (so that they don’t have to wait until I arrive).  There were a few issues.

  1. I went straight to the health and safety department to sign out two gas detectors, but I didn’t have a pen with me, so had to go back to my office to get a pen first.
  2. After getting the gas detectors and ready to go out on site, realised that someone had taken my harness (you must wear the harness if going up).  Managed to borrow a harness.
  3. I got up to EL50 just after 6am, prepared the paperwork.
  4. Kept calling control room on the radio to turn the ventilation fans on, but no answer.
  5. Waited for the crew to come.
  6. No one came.
  7. I left to go down to the control room to tell them to turn on the ventilation fans, on my way down, saw one of the supervisors who said that they were out of materials.


There was an eclipse later on in this morning.  My phone camera couldn’t capture it, and when I put the solar glasses over the top, the autofocus fails.


My shadows started to look funny under the eclipse.


I was involved in a job on Wednesday where I saw some actions I didn’t want to see.  Stopped them from what they were doing, after talking with the supervisor, managed to agree on an alternative method.  It slowed the job down, but I feel better.

Wednesday lunch:


The view from elevation 50m, the water is so blue, but we can’t go there!


Got back to my desk and saw a note saying that we were going out for dinner! Hooray!  On my way to the bus stop, to be picked up, I saw them playing volleyball!


Later, we went to Kone for dinner.  To the same restaurant – Escale.




The menu!


It’s been so busy this week that I haven’t even had time to turn on my laptop for the past few days.  I go to work thinking that I can leave early, but never do.  Though I work more hours, I’m only allowed to book my normal 60 hours a week, not more Sad smile

I need to go get ready to have breakfast, we’re going caving today, I’ll write about Thursday onwards soon!