Didn’t sit at my desk until after 6pm

by Adam

Superly busy Monday.  So much happening.  Just remembered that I might not have returned the gas detectors!  I’ll have to check that first thing tomorrow morning.  Many things happening, lots of stair climbing.  A few issues here and there, keeping me busy.

Here’s a bin-load of boxes being loaded to elevation 50.  Totally beats carrying each individual box up the stairs!


This is what it looks like at the receiving end!


I didn’t like the way it was being unloaded, but I won’t comment about that here, so instead, you can see my lunch.


I didn’t finish the fish again, it was so dry.

This is from elevation 132 (I think), while waiting for air to drain from the isolation.


In the centre of this photo, you can see my room!


100% crop of the centre:


See the four rows? My room is the bottom left (bottom of the shortest row).





So much to do, so tired… here’s my dinner.


Dessert (all the bananas here look like that – green and brown)


And a happy juicer.


My legs are so tired from climbing up and down the stairs today.

Need to do some things before I sleep, goodnight!