by Adam

We stopped by at Kone to get some food: baguettes, drinks, etc.


Then headed out to Pindai based on some rough directions.  We stopped by at the petrol station and were told that it’s 5km away.  Drove for about 10km and then found a turn-off.  Ended up at Plage de Franco for a few minutes.RIMG0437

It was too rocky/muddy, so we headed off.


After going back on forth on RT1, and down a long driveway, Daniel called a local who told us the right way. Finally got to Plage de Pindai (Pindai Beach) and saw our South African colleagues there too!

We went walking/snorkelling to the island (Ilot Pindai), then walked around it, then snorkelled back.  On the way, some saw a sea snake.  On the island, we saw a tricot raye (local sea snake) come out, regurgitate an eel, and then go back in.  At first I was wondering why it’s tongue was so long, but then realised that it wasn’t it’s tongue!  First time I’ve seen something like that!

We got back to the beach, had baguettes and chicken for lunch.



Then headed back.  Stopped by the petrol station for some icecream, and now relaxing in my room.  Will go for a walk soon.

I had videos from snorkelling but they aren’t very exciting videos.  My mask doesn’t have a good seal because I haven’t shaved!  So I didn’t snorkel well today! Sad smile