It’s Sunday morning

by Adam

Yesterday, it was a busy Saturday, had a few things to attend to.  In the morning, I was getting a job started – completing the DSTI, everyone signing onto the JSA, DSTI, isolation sheet.  It took a while, and fortunately I followed procedures as when I was still going through it, I was audited.  It was good though – I had the required paperwork, and only a few minor issues which I can learn for next time.  I didn’t get to sit at my desk until maybe 4pm.  Then there were things to do until about 7pm.

For lunch, I had


At night, many people sit around outside the offices and later even come into the office to use the desks.  It was like an internet cafe, everyone comes in with their laptops.  I can understand though, to be able to keep in contact with home is very important, especially for these people who have even longer rosters than me!  (10-2, or 24.5-2.5, or even a year+!)

There were lots of people waiting for the bus


And then I realised that the lighting was pretty good (fluorescent tubes on either side).



The busses at this time were infrequent, so we walked to the main road and hitched a ride.  It was in the nicest car we’ve been in on site.  So clean!

I had dinner


Then we went to the bush bar: since alcohol is not allowed on site, you only have to go outside the gate, and it’s like a street party.  A very relaxed atmosphere, people sitting on one side of the road drinking, and people urinating in the bushes on the other side of the road.  There’s people singing, hitting plastic bottles for a beat, and a lot of fun!  A lot of blowing water!


Met some friendly people, had fun.  Didn’t drink but accepted a beer and held it for most of the night, then later exchanged it for an empty can and held the empty can.

The stars are so bright, you can see all the constellations.  It’s really great!  Got back after 11pm.

This morning, reluctantly got up and went to have breakfast.

Going to get ready to go out to the beach now! See you later.