Here we go!

You Indian?

Just got back from dinner.  I went to the Indian kitchen.

I lined up and the lady serving looked at me disapprovingly.

She looked at me and said “You Indian?”,  I was honest and said no without nodding.

I could not pretend to be Indian.

She turned to the lady next to her, and after few seconds of discussion, she reluctantly served me.


I’ll have to work on my Indianess.

I don’t get to go out tonight :(

Feeling disappointed!  I was looking forward to going out tonight to have a burger at Hotel Koniambo.  Going out is a big treat!

Rushed back from work, had a shower and put on some clean clothes.  Went to the bus stop and realised that there was no one there.  I was a minute late. I thought maybe I’ll wait, so waited a bit and then another guy came.  He called someone else who said that the bus had already departed!  I know it’s only a small thing, but, it feels big for me Sad smile.  I should leave work earlier.

Feeling hungry, I’ll go to have dinner soon.

This was my lunch.


This is me


I’m laptop wireless is intermittent so I want to buy another.  I just feel like buying something right now.