Monday Nuggets

by Adam

I had nuggets and pasta for lunch.


After the fine warm day yesterday, it was raining here today.  We had two power outages in the office.

A funny thing happened.  I was coming back to the office from the warehouse, and was passing someone who I have not met before.  We greeted each other, then he said “Adam Loh! You’re finally here on site”.  I was puzzled for a moment and said “Sorry, I don’t think we’ve met”.  Then he said his name and I realised.  He was the name on the paperwork which I signed when I agreed to come here, but have never met him before!  I had my name on the front of my hardhat – that’s how he knew it was me!

This evening, coming home, the sunset was very nice!




It was raining when I went to dinner, so I didn’t bring my phone, so sorry, no dinner photos tonight.  I had a tuna steak with rice and potatoes.  Just imagine!

Only three weeks to go until I’m home for a week Smile  Counting down…