by Adam


My alarm woke me up this morning, and I turned it off, and slept more.  Then suddenly jumped out of bed and realised that I slept 37 minutes past my alarm!  Got ready, had breakfast, and still managed to get to work on time though Smile

It was a warm day, and the weather was fine!

On the way to breakfast:


Walking past the heli-pad.


Went out to the site, went through daily safety task instructions and then was confined space sentry again.  Every-time someone entered or exited the confined space, I took their identification card and recorded their time in and out.  The rest of the time, I stayed outside the access door watching.


After this, I was very hungry, so went for lunch.  Rice, vegetables and sausage.


and then… ICECREAM!

Chocolate and coconut.


The icecream-guardlady was very generous today.  She let us use bowls instead of small cups and she would serve a lot!



I had so much chocolate icecream I almost had enough!  It was so good! I’m going to have more at dinner… very soon!

After lunch, went back to work, managed to get a lockbox from a kind person and then went to the workshop to get some locks.  At first, the equipment locks I collected were from a box marked “do not take”.  When I got back to the office, realised why – they each had an individual key.  So had to go back again and get equipment locks which had the same key.  Went out to field and helped do the isolation.

Had to do more confined space ‘spotting’.  I enjoy it!20121103_143505

I saw someone working in a comfortable position: the squat.


Something interesting happened.  The power running the ventilation fan to the confined space was turned off, and at the power supply, a guy was speaking in Chinese, making hand signs.  We could not understand so someone was called to interpret over the phone.  Turns out that they had finished with the power supply and were going to move it somewhere else.  Good thing was that another power supply was reachable with a few extension cables.

Went back to the office and filled some isolation sheets and marking drawings.  Everyone left at 5, but I stayed on to finish it.  Before leaving, I dropped by to see Ray, but he’s super busy  – his Friday and Saturdays are very intense!




See the smoke?  I think that’s coming from the bush-bar.  Since there’s no alcohol allowed on site, there’s a bar right outside site on Saturday evening and Sunday.