Friday RIBS and Orange Juice!

by Adam

I had my confined space training this morning, then in the afternoon, put my learning into practice as a sentry (watchman) while people were inside the fan casing for alignment.  This is a big fan, so big that they needed to scaffold inside and two guys to rotate it!  I was told that the fan motor is 3 megawatt.  So it can really suck.

The way I understand it (please correct if wrong!), is that the fan alignment basically involves installing alignment tools (a laser) on the shaft, setting it to a position, and then rotating the fan by hand to another position to check the position then repeating and adjusting.

As the watchman, I was to never enter the confined space, but stay outside it, keeping in communication with the people inside, recording when they go in and out, and also prepared to call the emergency rescue team if required, amongst other responsibilities.  I found it comfortable sitting on my clipboard while watching them inside, but time went really slowly.  I was probably out there for about 2 hours, but it felt really long, because I was just sitting there, but remembering that I had responsibility for those inside.

Here’s the gas monitor telling me that the atmosphere outside is safe.


I was brought to the Chinese restaurant for lunch today, as they were serving ribs.  We tried our best to beat the rush (busloads of Chinese).

On the bus, I saw Ray holding something… yes, a JUICER!  You will see why later…





After eating the ribs, the juicing began!



The cup of orange juice at the end was very rewarding. I didn’t have a juicer, so I need most of my juicing by hand, with a fork.


Many stares by the tables around, and Chinese aren’t shy of staring.  I think they wanted to drink some too.

The weather today was warm, but really  beautiful.  Even with the industrial site in the foreground, the natural background is very pleasant.


Finished late tonight, so had a late dinner.  Two pieces of duck, two halves of a tomato, two halves of an eggplant, two pieces of bread, and rice.


It’s been quiet around site today, since it was a public holiday yesterday, many took today off as a long weekend.

It’s Saturday tomorrow… ICECREAM!