Just when I thought…

by Adam

Just when I thought I had reached a “Gangnam Style”-free place, it was playing on the radio in the bus on the way home this evening.  It was a nice change from the usual syncopated local music.  Fortunately, nobody in the bus started dancing!

There are four different restaurants to eat at camp: Western, Chinese, Indian, Korean.  Apparently, Korean has the best food and was too popular that they had to restrict access to Koreans.  I can only access the Western, Chinese, and Indian restaurants (Chinese and Indian later, after peak hour).  한국 음식 먹어 싶어요!

Lunch: Rice, cauliflower, deer!


There are pigs and deers on site!  Sometimes you can see them on the way to work (between camp and the site!).  I hope lunch isn’t the same deer and pig!

There are two dogs at the site.  They spend their time lying around most of the day.  This evening, I saw them scavenging the bin and eating baguette.


My office is located right next to the site, this lets me conveniently access the site.  I work in the building on the left, and the site in the background.


It’s beautiful here, even the carpark looks nice (with the hills in the background).


This is the bus stop for us at the camp.  The buses either take us to the site (Alliance), main gate (Juat), port, or a few other places.


The buses are frequent enough in the morning to get to work, and lunch time, and home-time, unless you finish late, then there might be a lot of waiting.

I took this after getting off the bus, waiting to cross the road to go to my room.


This is the walk to my room, past many container doors, sunset and site in the background.


Here’s a zoomed in view of the sunset and site from near my room.


As usual, it was another busy day.  After lots of running around, I’m relieved that the work permit I was working on was finally approved.  Just need to focus on the P&ID conformity checks now.  It’s a public holiday here tomorrow (All Saints Day), but we’ll keep working.

I still like it here, and think that it’s a nice place.  I hope I can keep a positive attitude.

I had pork, carrots, and rice for dinner.  The pork was more like ham, with a mustard sauce.  The place was decorated for Halloween tonight –  orange and black streamers, pumpkins, and even a hanging head!

Eating chocolate in my room now.  Coles had Dark Lindt on special before I left Perth, so I brought three with me!