I’ve been here for a week now!

by Adam

I’ve been here for a week now.

Only one week.

Time goes quickly every day, yet feels so long.

Still a lot to learn and improve.

I’m getting there, slowly.

For breakfast, I had fried egg and rice with soy sauce.  I think I’ll have this more often as it feels like home, since I can’t get soy milk for my cereal!

Lots of stair climbing again this morning, going up and down, following a P&ID.  Good thing I was with the ‘dream team’. Smile

Then I had lunch.  Spinach, sausage, rice and and bread.  I like the bread here.


I had JSA training today.  It finished in 2.5 hours instead of 4 hours.  Maybe because I was the only student, and it was more like revision, since we always write JSAs.

Tomorrow is another full day of training – Permis de travail utilisateur et demandeur.  I think it’ll be very useful because I’ve already been trying to submit a work permit, so it’ll be good to have the proper training for it!

I better get ready for dinner.