by Adam

It’s FRIDAY! But not really… since we work Saturdays here!

It was a long and busy day, so busy that 12 hours went so quickly!

The scenery around here is beautiful, even in the morning, walking to breakfast, seeing the hills in the distance lit by sunshine, was beautiful (in contrast to the multi-coloured air-conditioned containers).


I was involved as a spotter during commissioning of a system today. The plant is huge (vertically)!  I took a photograph while waiting.  Finally, I’m standing on the famous structure which we’ve seen presentations about!


I’m still learning, but slowly.  Hopefully I can improve more!

Of course… here’s my lunch, dinner and desserrt!

Lunch: Pasta, fish, broccoli.20121026_122103

Dinner: Duck, beans, potatos and rice20121026_191606

Dessert: Watermelon, and, something sweet.20121026_193302