I’m so full

by Adam

IT helped get the laptop connected to the network printer today, so I can print stuff!  The printer is old and jams a lot!

This is what I had for lunch, it’s a tuna steak, rice and broccoli.


After lunch, I had training.  The trainer basically just read out all the slides.  Half an hour in, I look at my watch, expecting to see that an hour had past… then 10 minutes later, I thought it was another 40 minutes.  During breaktime, was speaking to a lady from China.  We conversed in Chinese until my limit, and then she tried to speak English.  When she couldn’t explain in English, she would use Chinese and I’d sort of get the idea.  I need to improve my Chinese here (and French as well!).

I took this photo during break time.  It shows the conveyor going up to the massif.


This is on the way back to the office.  These busses are dominantly filled with transporting the Chinese and Philippinos to work.


On the way back after work, the bus only paused at our stop and didn’t give us time to get out.  Then my colleague asked the other passengers where the bus was going, and they said “main gate”.  Then a few people shouted and then we had a chance to get out!


After having a shower, I went to have dinner.  Massive dinner!  Rice, broccoli, hamburger, cheese, bun, so full! I ate it all, plus dessert and chocolate drink as well!  Then sat down and talked.


It’s 9pm, I better go to sleep now.  It’s Friday tomorrow, but it won’t feel like Friday because I’m working on Saturday!