by Adam

Picked up my PPE this morning.  Got XL shirts and was told that they’ll shrink – let’s hope so!

When I left Perth, I packed my new boots (which I’ve only worn once – the day QANTAS sent my luggage to Paraburdoo instead of Port Hedland).  They were too tight and my feet weren’t happy.  Blisters.  Relieved when I was given a pair of larger sized boots today!

We live in shipping containers, these are the doors all propped open, with the site in the background.


Since I’m not constantly snacking throughout the day, I got really hungry at lunch time.

If you don’t tell the serving-ladies to stop, they just keep loading your plate.  I didn’t pay attention while they were loading, and ended up with a big lunch.  Rice, pumkin, beans, pork and bread.20121024_123423

The scenery around here is really beautiful.  Surrounded by hills and water.  The water in the distance looks so clear and is a bright blue – I’ll try to take a photo of this next time.  This is the view about 15 metres from my room.


For dinner, I selected the pork, local vegetables (sweet potato), rice and bread.  Then I had dessert Surprised smile.


I heard that there’s taichi sessions on Thursday, so I might join in.

Here’s people playing volleyball.  Ray’s having a break, sitting on the sidelines in red.