Induction Day

by Adam

Inductions started at 8am, so got to sleep in.  Couldn’t find my breakfast coupon, so ate a muesli bar instead.


Had HSE induction, asbestos induction, and then lunch.  The fish was a bit slimy so didn’t finish it.


After lunch, I had massif, and port induction.  The port induction slideshow was in French because it was more updated than the English one.  I enjoyed the French slideshow though, it was like a French lesson!


Took the shuttle bus to the office, and attended a meeting.  Now I know where I’ll sit.


Was going to go to French class after dinner, but on the way to dinner, bumped into Ray and ended up going out for dinner with the group!  Had a special burger and grande fries.

I’ll try not to miss French class next week!